Meet our Club Members!


Scott Carlson with:


Wayne Tartaglia with:

BJF Dare To Be A Warrier (Einar) IGP1

Gregory Deschenes with:

Sig IGP3

Eugene Smith

Leigh Lynch with:


Bill Mullen

Sue Brock Milne

Jeanie Crosby

Marc Correia

Joe Schilling with:

McFly IGP3

Lauren Hassett with:

D&C Chewy IGP2

Tracey Stowers with:

Counselor vom Haus Dooling (Counselor) IPO3

Lindsey Vargo with:

Mooshka Von Linienbach IGP3

Gwen Beaven

Jeff Cruz

Michele Lubbe

Kyle Arruda

Heather Johnston with:

Atomic IGP3 and Aurora IGP1

Tony DiPalmo with:

Jagger BH

Michelle Testa with:

Jewel, Quenlan and Rhea

Derrike Lacross with:


Andi Thurber with:

Aiko vom Bär Berg IGP2

Irina Smilyanski

Arin Gonsalves

Kelsey Pickering

John White

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